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  • Library

     Open Time

     Mon-Thu 8:30~21:30

     Fri 8:30~21:00

     Sat. & Sun. 9:00~21:00

     1F Study room 8:00~23:30 

     (Reservation Required)

    Your access to seat reservation will be revoked if you don't show up


     Mon.-Fri.  9:00-15:30

     Sat. and Sun.: Emergency only

     Time for different departments vary

    Mental Health Counseling Center

     Reservation required (Tel: 86185022, 6-9PM)

     or via your class mentor


     Multimedia device opens on reservation outside classes

     Textbooks are sold at B108


     1-1 Rice meal & beverages

     1-2 Noodles, cakes, multiethnic food, hotpot, beverages

     1-3: Teacher’s Canteen (lunch only)

     2-1, 2-2, 2-3: Meal, noodles, hotpot, snacks

    Stadium & Gymnasium

     Denies access of all vehicles

     Indoor facilities are limited to university-level volleyball team and basketball team training on evening and weekends

    Phototaking: Stadium 1F


      Opens on reservation


     Opens on reservation

    Logistics Service Center

     North of Cafeteria #2

    Recharges campus card and electricity

    Self-service machine 24/7

     Human services Mon-Fri 9:30-12AM


     Monday & Wednesday 9:30-11:00


    1. Campus Card required for all facilities

    2. Opens on reservation: Application & approval from the School of International Education required for group activity (>5 persons) of international students

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