Apply for Guobang Scholarship 2019-2020

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1、细则 Detailed rules of implementation


The deadline for this application is: 5PM Oct.31, 2019.

3、一切一年级新生、汉语进修生、汉补生不恰当申请。The application is not applicable for all first-year degree candidates and Chinese prep. students. 


Guobang Scholarship and CSC Outstanding Award are non-exclusive with other scholarships (Nanjing, Jiangsu, CSC Full, Presidential) and student may apply for both with different materials.

5、申请表 2019 Guobang Application Form.doc


Application form without student and two recommenders' signature and incomplete application are deemed invalid. Print out the form and all supplement materials in hard copies to Ms.Liu at G11-103. Email application is deemed invalid. 


联系人:刘老师 Ms.Liu 

电话机 Tel86185426

School of International Education                                                     国际教育学院

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