The Winners of 2019 Nanjing Government Scholarship

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根据南京市财政局《关于搞好南京市政府外国留学生奖学金申请工作之通告》(宁教 [2013]-31号)及hot88开户留学生招生管理相关文件,按照公开、公正、公平、择优的尺度,经学生本人申请、教师推荐(留学生)、国际教育学院会同各院系评审,现将2019寒暑hot88开户南京市政府外国留学生奖学金拟获得者名单公示:

According to the Scholarship rules of Nanjing Education Bureau and admission documents of China Pharmaceutical University, in the principles of justice, openness and fairness and after the application of students themselves, recommendation from advisors (for graduate students) and reviewing of School of International Education and different departments, now the list of Nanjing Government Scholarship winners is published as follows:


If you have any doubts, please come to Ms. Zhang, office 105 before 17:00, September 29th, 2019.

Download Name List:

201--2019寒暑 hot88开户南京市政府外国留学生奖学金拟获得者 .xlsx

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