Safety Tips for National Holiday 2019

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Dear International Students,



The 2019 National Holiday is coming. See the detailed timetable here



The holiday is only 7 days. You are strongly suggested NOT to travel to famous hot scenic spots (e.g. the Great Wall, West Lake, etc.) or travel abroad. If you plan to travel in China, please return to CPU timely.



Always take the passport with you. Take it back from the tour guide as soon as you get the hotel room. If the passport is missing, you shall go to the nearest police to issue a Loss Certificate, and go to Nanjing Visa Center to submit the Loss Certificate and other documents, and contact your embassy for a new passport.



If your passport is with the Visa Center, please take good care of the receipt, which can be used for booking tickets and checking in hotels the same as passport.



Chinese Laws, decrees & University’s Student Disciplinary Action prevail to address the issues of students’ disruptive behavior off-campus. Please avoid bars, pubs, clubs, etc. for the potential injury & hospitalization of you and others. Students who break the law under alcohol influence will be subject to penalties as those who don’t drink.



If you need to leave the dormitory room for more than 24 hours, please shut down room electricity, water supply, doors and windows before leaving.



Please book air/train tickets and hotels on official websites (See the how-to in Student Life section) and avoid fishing websites. If you are using taxi booking APP, book the cars with operation permit and company logo, do not take a ride on unlicensed cars.



If you are traveling with an agency or via APP: Seek for licensed agency instead of unprofessional individual or group. Print the contract and keep it. A formal contract should also include clearly identified travel process, accidental insurance policies, shopping arrangements and refund policies.



If you are traveling with your friends, do not risk your life and others' for fun! Put on the life vest or safety rope during a boat trip or mountain climbing. Some high-risk sports are exemptions of  insurance liability.



For insurance claims during the vacation, see our official website for guidance.



If you will stay on-campus throughout the holiday, please pay attention to electricity meter and buy at Logistics Service Center in advance.



Using any kind of fire (including but not limited to: smoking, candles, burning incense) or illegal electrical appliance in the dorm is totally forbidden. There will still be room checks during the vacation, please comply with our residential rules.



Have fun and be safe! Wish you all a delighted holiday!



School of International Education